Our system provides full underwriting, so claim experience will be consistent with traditionally underwritten business.

Our immediate acceptance rate is 75%. Typically 10% of applicants will be rated by the system and 65% will issued be on original terms. The remaining 25% can be handled according to your market strategy:

  • If you wish to issue as much as possible, you can refer the remaining 25% of applicants that are not automatically issued to manual underwriting. Our system includes an Underwriters Workbench that displays all the information collected in the online process and will manage the remaining underwriting process, or
  • You may be more selective and use a predictive model to refer only the cases that are most valuable and have the best chance of issue, or
  • You may opt for a quick verification underwriting call to the applicant.

We have found that for the majority of applicants, the decision is immediate, few consumers drop out during the application process. Applicants do not require an agent to visit, or to provide fluid samples. Consumers understand and control the process.