We offer an all inclusive solution, easily customized to meet your needs.

Together with our partners, we have experience at implementing successful online distribution programs.

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Kevin Pledge - CEO

With over 25 years of insurance industry experience, Kevin has spent most of his career in positions with significant strategic and operational responsibility within the insurance industry. Prior to forming Onvivo, Kevin founded and managed a company that provided analytics and held senior positions within insurance companies in the UK and Canada.

Kevin is a regular speaker at industry meetings and has published several articles. He has served on three SOA section councils and Microsoft’s Partner Advisory Council, is currently on the SOA's Professional Development Committee and will chair the 2014 Annual Meeting.

Kevin qualified as a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries (UK) in 1992 and a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (US) in 2004.


Point of Sale System

The Point of Sale System is what the customer sees and interacts with. This must run smoothly and efficiently to give you the greatest likelihood of being able to issue the business while controlling risk to retain competitive pricing. Onvivo has partnered with TCP Lifesystems, the leading provider of automated issue systems with clients including LV and Beagle Street.



Branding is critical to the success of online distribution. Existing insurers will have a brand geared towards their current distribution methods and message. Onvivo has partnered with Brand Engineering, the company behind leading online brands such as ING Direct, Intact Insurance, and Grocery Gateway, to offer leading advice on establishing your brand online.



We have designed and priced life insurance and critical illness insurance products to sell to in a consumer enabled and online environment. Our pricing is carried out using the leading actuarial modelling software, Axis from GGY. We can provide pricing models in Axis or in Excel if you prefer.



Numerous research has been published over the years documenting the decline in insured households. Onvivo commissioned Head Research to investigate how this can be addressed and how offering life insurance online would be received. 



All the leading reinsurers see the benefit of our approach and are keen to work with our clients, either using their underwriting manual or the underwriting manual that we developed specifically for online life insurance distribution.