We have designed life insurance and critical illness products specifically for online distribution, these are: 

  • Competitively priced - online shoppers typically price compare.
  • Simple to understand - no hidden fees or unexpected features.
  • Designed for immediate issue - most consumers receive an offer to insure in 12 minutes.

These products are designed to be bought online without the need for advice, as such there are limits on possible issue ages and sums assured. They can be integrated to work alongside an existing portfolio of advisor based products.

We've built the following products for online distribution:

  • Term Life Insurance, 5 - 30 year term
  • Critical Illness Insurance, 5 - 30 year term
  • Life Insurance to age 100 (whole life without cash surrender value)

Consumers are looking for value and affordability - the typical consumer does not expect to pay significantly more for a simple issue process. 

Our products are in a class of their own; competitively priced as a fully underwritten insurance product while at the same time providing consumers with an easy to understand "self-serve" solution.