Industry research points to declining life insurance coverage:

  • 57% of families with children will have immediate financial trouble if the primary wage earner died.
  • 50% of households believe they are underinsured.
  • 30% of households have no life insurance at all, this has almost doubled in the last 60 years.

Many insurers are adopting new alternative distribution channels to develop new business growth:

  • 67% of customers are comfortable not doing business face-to-face.
  • 25% of customers prefer online.


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Google Searches

Each month there are over 2 million google searches for life insurance in America and over 40 thousand such searches in Canada. Of these over 550,000 searches in America, and over 7,500 searches in Canada, include specific terms such as "quote", "rate" or "buy", suggesting that many of these potential customers are ready to buy.

Many Consumers Want to Buy Life Insurance Online

Potential customers are searching online for insurance; many are getting quotes, applying and then being referred to an agent for a lengthy tradition underwriting process. It takes an average of 47 days to issue an underwritten life insurance policy in North America.

Online Functionality Today

Despite consumer demand to purchase life insurance online, the process to successfully deliver fully underwritten products to the modern consumer is not available in the North American market today. 


Onvivo provides fully underwritten life insurance coverage in near real time to today's modern consumer. 

Our Research

“Almost half of participants found the value proposition [to buy directly online] very appealing (rating of 8 or more out of 10); these results are encouraging.

Years ago, when evaluating consumer interest in the ING Direct value proposition, our goal was to find interest in only half as many target group members (who we defined as innovators).“

- Head Research 2013